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For time immemorial, Tuscany's territory and its landscape has been a powerhouse for artistic expression and hand-crafted excellence. Currently dedicated to producing luxury hand-crafted objects using traditional Tuscan methods, the Baldi family finds inspiration in its most creative members, whether those from centuries past or those working today.
La Vittoria, a masterwork by Vincenzo Consani, the company’s most famed forefather, exemplifies traditional canons of beauty and harmony, two ethical and esthetic principles that continue to be at the forefront of the company’s modern-day craftsmanship and production.
The statue’s magnificent and triumphant but reflective temperament has provided a model for the Baldi’s up-and- coming craftsmen, as they work to successfully uphold the excellence that has characterized their unique work through the generations
Baldi adopts traditional manufacturing methods, while also making use of the most modern forms of technology. The company acquired a 3-D structured light scanning system with the intention of recuperating all of its collection's models.

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A new generation working on creations of absolute beauty and quality; shapes, vision and inspiration meld in a magical union: here is the Baldi team, with the passion and driving force of the family composed by Luca, Francesca, Leonardo, Ginevra and the one of Luca Bojola, whose talent as a designer led to experiment and give light to fascinating shapes form nobile raw materials. 

From a while it was also born Baldistudio, a team of young designers committed to creating new classic and contemporary collections marring innovation and continuous research with florentine historical artistry.




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