Reflecting the effectiveness of the co-branding born between the two Companies in 2017, the Muse piano from the limited edition Armonia, is presented in world premiere at Salone del Mobile di Milano 2018.

The design describes the synthesis between the Florentine craftsmanship, a distinctive feature of Baldi, and the precision of Steinway’s style to achieve maximum perfection.Muse, like the greek gods emblem of the supreme ideal of art, protector goddesses of song and music. Invoked by poets for their compositions, inspiring celestial melodies and able to keep alive the artists’ genius.The bronzes adorning the piano, hand-chiseled and 24K gold plated, stand out against the intense black colour of the instrument.


They tell a story of elegant dancing muses,chasing each other throughout the perimeter, enhancing the piano with a strong sense of depth in a harmony of shapes and decorations, providing an aura which clearly recalls the dawn of classicism. Once again, art and elegance melt with high technology.

The richness of facets and the artist’s passion are returned through the use of a particular software. The Spirio system. This technical masterpiece, present within it and regulated by IPad, achieve maximum precision in the reproduction of live concerts. When an excellence of luxury meets an excellence of music, they give birth to an instrument that touches souls with its notes and enchants the eyes  with the beauty of its refined details, for a timeless elegance and a source of continuous inspiration.